Bulletin I – October / November 2012

The Public Procurement Administration, as a part of its regular activities in the public procurement field, prepared its first Bulletin. The Bulletin represents an attempt to present the institutions managing the public procurement system using a concise approach, above all the Public Procurement Administration and the Commission for Control of Public Procurement Procedures, as well as the essence of the Public Procurement Law, its significance in regulating the conditions, methods and procedures for procurement of goods, services and works, protection of rights in public procurement procedures as well as other relevant issues in procurement field.

Public Procurement Assessment – EBRD 2011

The public procurement legal framework, regulating the contractual interactions between the public sector and the private market, determines how governments’ purchasing power is exercised and should encourage transparent and efficient competition for public sector contracts. Thus, the quality of public procurement laws has a direct bearing on the quality of goods, works and services provided under public sector contracts and may materially influence the level of public sector spending. Outdated or inefficient public procurement laws can be a drain on limited public funds and will undermine fiscal reform efforts.

Public Procurement in Montenegro (realization of basic principles)

This Manual on public procurement is intended for all public procurement services as an aid in their daily operations, with an aim of simplifying implementation of public procurement procedures as much as possible. The Manual was prepared within the joint Project of the Public Procurement Directorate and the OSCE Mission to Montenegro titled “Realization of the Principle of Transparency in Public Procurement Procedures in Montenegro“, thus we would like to thank our partners from the OSCE Mission for their great contribution upon preparation of this Manual. We are confident that this edition will also arouse a great interest of contracting authorities at all levels, from the state administration bodies, local self-governments to sector contracting authorities, and that bwe will, as we used to do before, accept suggestions for further additions and improvements to future releases

Prevent corruption in public procurement!

Report corruption in public procurement!

Guide through the public procurement system in Montenegro

Public procurement is a key instrument for creating market economy. By conducting public procurement, the state directly participates at the market and its behaviour has a large influence on the overall economic acttivities. In fact, by implementing public procurement, the state should clearly demonstrate that it observes the basic principles of market economy, that is, it enables a free and fair competition.