Expert on International Trade of the Embassy of Spain, Mr. Mark Bruiks Bonet, visits the Public Procurement Administration

In the premises of the Public Procurement Administration, on 10 September 2015, a meeting was held with the representative of the Department for Trade and Economy of the Embassy of Spain in Belgrade, Mr. Mark Bruiks Bonet, an expert on international trade.
The meeting was chaired by the Director of the Administration, PhD Mersad Mujević, and it was attended by the Assistant Director Ms. Mara Bogavac. The topic of discussion was the presentation of the development dynamics of the public procurement system in Montenegro, information on the progress of harmonization of regulations of the European Union, the possibilities of cooperation with businessmen from Spain, the current exemptions from the application of the Law on Public Procurement for certain procurement regulated by this Law, relating to public procurement in the areas of water, energy, transport and postal services and procurement in the area of defence and security.
The representative for international trade of the Embassy of Spain was introduced to the activities which Montenegro conducts in the field of its EU accession regarding the Chapter 5 – Public Procurement, the progress achieved in harmonization with the EU regulations and future plans in the field of introduction of electronic public procurement system in Montenegro, the possibility for cooperation with the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and the Public Procurement Administration related to connecting the Spanish entrepreneurs with the Montenegrin economic operators, providing information on the opportunities allowed by the Montenegrin legislation for the businessmen of this country to participate in public tenders after the contract notices are published by the parties subject to application of the Law in Montenegro.
In purpose of deepening the future cooperation, the proposals were made to organize a round table and educational seminars having an aim to define more clearly the specific goals of the future cooperation, as well as the readiness of the Public Procurement Administration to further improve that cooperation.
PR Service of the PPA