Representative of the Turkish Embassy visited the Public Procurement Administration

In premises of the Public Procurement Administration, on 18 April 203, a meeting was held with representative of the Turkish Embassy Ms. Sultan ISKENDER, an Advisor for economic relations, Office for the Commercial Relations of the Republic of Turkey in Podgorice and representatives of the Public Procurement Administration of Montenegro headed by its Director, PhD Mersad Z. Mujević.

The topic of the discussion was mainly concerning legal interpretation of legislation and providing answers to, inter alia, issues related to participation of Turkish companies in public procurement procedures.

Ms. Iskender & Mr. Mujević

Ms. Iskender & Mr. Mujević

The Director of the Public Procurement Administration introduced the representative of the Turkish Embassy to the opportunities provided ba the Montenegrin Public Procurement Law.

On this occasion, the mutual satifaction was expressed by the fact the new Montenegrin Public Procurement Law created all legal prerequisites ensuring, in the best possible manner, complete observance of the public procurement principles.

The agreement reached at the meeting was concerning possible solutions for a future cooperation which were presented on that occasion, in purpose of achieving an effective cooperation between Montenegro and the Republic of Turkey, especially in fields of transport infrastructure and health care, as well as the projects in the energy sector. Further cooperation was agreed in terms of providing presentation on our public procurement legislation to Turkish economic operators.

PR Service of the Public Procurement Administration