PPA Public Statement regarding the information published by Montenegro Health Insurance Fund on its Portal 13 11 2014

Yet another unbelievable pressure of the Health Insurance Fund of Montenegro to the legal conduct of the public procurement procedures.
Namely, the Health Insurance Fund of Montenegro in its announcement tends to influence the selection of the bidder one more time. The question related to the termination of the contract in the nick of time between the Fund and ‘Vuk Petrol’ Ltd, Kotor. More precisely, they are suitable for 10/11 months, and then abruptly in the last month something changed; but some other public authorities will discuss it.
The information stated by the Fund on the PPA refusal to give consent to the procurement of the missing quantities of heating fuel is incorrect. It would be appropriate if the Fund make excuse to the PPA and to the public as well. It is not for the first time that Fund makes confusion by unnecessary flying at the said institutions shifting their own responsibilities onto someone else rather than giving opportunity primarily to the dialogue/consultation. It is highly symptomatic in the light of expected control of the Contracts by the State Commission for the Control of Public Procurement Procedures.
Let us recall that the urgency must not be the obstacle to the lawful conduct of the public procurement procedure. The Public Procurement Administration points out that the Fund should direct its operations to the Amendments to the Law on Public Procurement which is in Parliamentary procedure and thereby express their interest and attitude towards relevant norms of the Law on one hand, and on the other to deal with its substantive regulations governing the field of health policy. If only the public procurement was the sole problem of the Health Insurance Fund….

Director of the Administration
DSc Mersad Mujević